Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why Clients Choose Us

When considering a new website for your company, you want to have a product that represents your company while also being functional and professional. At Bay Street Software Inc., we can give you just that! Here are some of the reasons why our satisfied clients have chosen us to represent them as their internet presence.

We are Local and Family Operated

Bay Street Software started as a family company that, through excellent business practice and customer service while promoting a solid product, is devoted to the client.  You won't call us and receive an outsourced call center across the world or have to speak to somebody you don't know.  You will have a team of people working to make your site exactly the way you want, but you will not have to concern yourself with talking to somebody whom you don't have a business relationship with. It is important for us to know our client on a first name basis, and vice versa. We stress creating and maintaining a relationship with our clients that can truly only be found with companies who are close by and family operated.

We Really Do Know Our Stuff

Website development has been our passion for years and has been practiced by us for 15 years and counting.  We have a team of the best Drupal developers in the country along with social media and design experts.  This isn't a hobby for us or something we took a few courses in college to learn.  Our clients have been big fish Fortune 500, mulit-billion dollar, multi-national corporations. We have some of the greatest companies in the world, whether in the private sector or part of the United States government, coming to us asking for our expertise in the fields of Drupal development, coding, and back end development.   Development of high end, functional corporate websites is our passion and we are proud to say that we are very good at what we do.

We Are Diversified

Although we are able to make complex and intricate websites for our top dog, Fortune 500 companies, we pride ourselves on diversity.  We have local clients that are small "mom and pop" business and medium sized local businesses.  We enjoy helping out the smaller companies in advancement of their technological presence, and bringing acknowledgement to small American businesses that help with our economy so much. Whether little or big, local or multi-national, having 3 to 26,000 employees we are a diverse company that has strengths in all company backgrounds and their own individual needs.

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